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The Schnalstal Valley

The Val Senales is one of the most sundry and beautiful landscapes on the sunny side of the Alps, with Pinot Noir vineyards at the southern entrance to the valley at 600m, up to the scintillating ice on the glacier of Mount “Palla Bianca” at almost 3800m. Discover our four picturesque villages - Monte Santa Caterina, Certosa, Madonna di Senales, Vernago al lago.

Vernago at the Lake (1707 m)

The village of Vernago al lago is situated by an emerald green lake. In summer, Lake Vernago is a popular tourist destination. The hiking possibilities are endless and varied. Take for instance the easy path leading around the lake, or the mountain trail to Maso Corto, with its over 700 year old houses – every excursion guarantees unforgettable hiking experiences. If you wish to reach higher regions, you may walk on Ötzi's footsteps along the "Archaeological trail": over the Similaun Lodge - 3,000 meters above sea level - until you reach the discovery site of the Iceman. Vernago al lago is situated 6 km from the famous ski resort of Val Senales and offers plenty of variety and fun in the snow for both skiers and snowboarders.

Madonna di Senales (1505 m)

Situated in the heart of the valley, surrounded by infinite fields and old farms, it is the largest village in the Val Senales. Madonna di Senales received its name from a miraculous image: According to legend of pilgrims, a small statue was discovered in 1304 and worshiped ever since. The sanctuary, erected on a rock, is a proud and beautiful sight. Many guests like to walk on the St. Mary's pilgrimage way, which leads directly to the sanctuary. Not far away you’ll find the ArcheoParc Val Senales, with a direct view on the discovery site of the "Iceman" - "Ötzi". In South Tyrol's first interactive archaeological museum, you can get a detailed view on how these people lived 5,300 years ago. The museum shows the New Stone Age through statements, pictures, movies and articles. On the outside area of the museum, the visitors can experience in reconstructed huts, what Ötzi's contemporaries needed to achieve in order to survive - baking bread, archery, pottery and the processing of flint and leather.

Certosa (1327 m)

The village of Certosa can look back on an old history. The Carthusian Monastery of Allerengelberg was founded in 1326 and abandoned 1782. Still today you can feel the spirit of the former Carthusian monastery: the remains of fortified city walls around the village are evidence of the respect the monks had of the peasants, who rebelled against the high taxes. Particularly appealing is the cloister of the old convent, which turns into an art gallery for famous local artist during summer time.

The Pfossental Valley

The Val di Fosse is one of the valleys richest in game here in South Tyrol, located in the heart of the largest park in South Tyrol, the Texel-Group Nature Park. Furthermore, one of the most beautiful parts of the Merano High Mountain Trail leads through the Val di Fosse. The unique flora and fauna of this high mountain valley fascinates everybody: hikers, nature lovers and people who are just looking for genuine stillness. You can pleasantly walk from the parking lot via Mitterkaser and Rableid to the Eishof. From there on, it takes you around 3 hours to reach the Stettiner Lodge/ Petrarca on 2,900 m above sea level.

Monte Santa Caterina (1245 m)

Monte Santa Caterina is located very romantically on a high cliff, where the Val Senales expands a touch. The Senales Castle - which gave the valley its name - once stood on the exact spot where the Church of Monte Santa Caterina is located today. 1350 the castle was demolished by the Carthusians, but the old castle tower resisted and now serves as a belfry. Around 1500, the first chapel was built there and extended 1748 in a Romanesque style to the current proportions. The tranquil village life in Monte Santa Caterina offers a fantastic view of the Adige Valley and Val Senales all the way to the Castle of Juval, the summer residence of the world-famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner.

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